Colorful Creations + Invitations

Spring is just around the corner - and that means longer days, warmer nights and vibrant weddings. It’s also the season that we start thinking about bright, beautiful colors!

Nothing will wow your guests quite like receiving a bold invitation suite filled with vivid, rich hues in the mail. You’ll set the tone for your wedding as a day filled with joy, happiness and excitement!

Thinking about incorporating some bold and bright colors into your own wedding invitation suite? Check out some inspiration below - and save to your dream wedding Pinterest board!

Sea Blue, See Octopus
Bright turquoise and aqua colors make this invitation suite especially seaworthy, complete with an illustrated octopus and submarine-inspired elements.

Coral Color Save-the-Dates
Bright corals rule these pretty summer save-the-dates, perfect for a celebration by the sea.

Romantic + Bright Blooms
This storybook-inspired invitation suite is filled with bright watercolor florals, bold berry hues and elegant fonts.

Turquoise Elegance
This standout invitation suite is complete with a bold, square turquoise enclosure, burgundy accents and watercolor graphics.

Hawaiian Hues
These coral and gold invitations are filled with watercolor hibiscus elements and bright, beachy coral hues - perfect for getting guests into that island state of mind.

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Bohemian Dream Catcher Invitations

“I am a dream catcher. You are my dreams. So let me catch you.”

Anne and Samuel are set to marry in June at Windows on the Water. I had the pleasure of working with Anne and her mother originally on the Save-the-Dates and now the invitations. Anne really wanted the invitations to be light hearted and colorful and also incorporate dream catchers into the design.

After a lot of brainstorming and discussions, the invitation was designed as a flat invitation and bordered by the bottom of the dream catcher’s colorful feathers. The feathers were designed with a watercolor treatment to create a subtly to the liberal use of color. For balance, the type was all black and in a mix of a simple all-caps and a handwritten font.

Wrapped around the invitation was a double belly band purple fabric and rope inspired yarn and finished with a silver moon charm. Tucked behind the invitation was the details booklet and designed with a bold colored dream catcher on the front.

Once opened, the booklet contained “I’m Lost” and “I’m Sleepy” and a “RSVP” tear-off postcard. The “I’m Sleepy” is so cute, right?

It truly was so fun to design these invitations. To Anne and Samuel, thank you for allowing APS to be a part of your day and may all your dreams together come true. XOXO – Lisa

Storybook Sunflower Invitation

In this digital age, most of our reading is done on phones, computers and e-readers. Bending back the pages of a softbound book or ceremonious folding today’s edition of the newspaper is almost a lost art. While digital makes life easier, don’t you miss the implicit feel of where you are in a physical book or paper? That’s why this invitation is not to only be seen but touched. Every element of this invitation was thoughtfully selected to make the guests experience the feel of opening a book; from the paper to the structure, it truly feels like you’re opening up a book that is about to tell you the most wonderful secret. But it’s not a secret, it’s an invitation to celebrate the love of Faith and Michael, soon to be Krishna, at the Garden Falls at the Stone Museum in Monroe, NJ.

So the invitation…it’s bound by a double belly band of a thick tic weave burlap and purple paper, inscripted with their monogram: M&K. The invitation enclosure is made of a tan thick woodgrain cardstock; the paper truly has a woodgrain feel to the touch.

The invitation opens like, you guessed it, a book. The first page is a poem, almost serving as a dedication. Being a very spiritual couple, they selected four different poems that were special to them and varied for each person they invited. One of them reads, “lovers work, so that when the body and soul are no longer together, their loving will be free.” ~Hafiz

The 2nd and 3rd page are the invitation details, bordered by vibrant yellow sunflowers and subtly accented with kisses of purple.

The last page serves as the end but a hopeful end, “Hope to see you there!”

Secured on book-end of the enclosure are black photo corners to hold the mustard yellow RSVP post card.

This invitation is one for the books! Sorry we couldn’t help ourselves.

Faith and Michael, we wish you the most magical storybook wedding. Thank you so much for allowing APS to be a part of your day. XOXO