Vellum Paper Vibes

If you’re in full wedding planning mode this summer, chances are you’ve seen some stunning wedding invitations featuring vellum paper. Vellum paper is a smooth, sheer paper that can be used in a variety of ways for stationery. For wedding invitations, vellum paper can be incorporated as a chic enclosure, subtly showing a pop of the design and details hidden underneath.

Vellum paper and the invitation suite can be held together with a belly band, silk ribbon, twine, whatever fits your wedding invitation style. Many couples like to add a personalized wax seal as another elegant addition that will give guests a preview of the wedding day to come.

Check out some vellum paper inspiration below from our couples, and don’t forget to add them to your dream wedding invitations Pinterest board!

This invitation suite features ivory, silver and navy hues, tied together with a vellum paper enclosure and soft silver belly band.


Pops of color are everywhere on this stunning invitation suite. The vellum paper enclosure, held together with a silk ribbon and custom wax seal, adds a vintage touch.

This invitation suite is perfect for a sweet celebration by the sea! The vellum paper enclosure fits perfectly with the elegant watercolor blue invitation, allowing the softest show of color to come through. Mint-colored twine and a seashell wax seal complete this look.

This white and blue invitation suite features a cotton overlay that adds to the elegance and sophistication of this couples’ wedding day.

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May Bride of the Month: Cassandra Wood

Here at Art Paper Scissors, we absolutely love bringing a couples’ wedding theme to life. From save-the-dates to invitations to thank you cards and everything in between, Art Paper Scissors is a couple's one-stop-shop for all things wedding stationery. 

Today we are chatting with our May bride of the month, Cassandra Wood. The new Mrs. Wood and her husband Richard tied the knot just a few months ago in March 2019 with a beautiful celebration at The Palace at Somerset Park. We loved designing their romantic floral watercolor wedding invitations, featuring rich hues and a rustic-inspired vibe.

Cassandra is sharing all of the details of their wedding day - read on and enjoy these beautiful photos of the new Mr. and Mrs., captured by CLB Photography!

This photo captured by Art Paper Scissors

This photo captured by Art Paper Scissors

Art Paper Scissors: Tell us about your wedding day. The date, place and any extra fun details you would like to share.

Cassandra: Our wedding date was March 9, 2019. It was the absolute most perfect day from start to finish! We married at Saint Peter's The Apostle in New Brunswick, a very formal and traditional catholic wedding. After, we took a short ride to our wedding venue, The Palace at Somerset Park. This is where we excitedly continued our celebrations by eating, drinking and dancing the night away! 

Art Paper Scissors: How do you remember that special day? Any great memory that stands out?

Cassandra: How can I choose just one memory that stands out?! Every moment of that day was so special and so sentimental that it is so hard to narrow it down to just a few.

Waking up for the last time as a "Wolff" was so surreal and yet exciting. I had some great moments getting ready surrounded by my family and very best friends. However nothing that morning could compare to the first time I locked eyes with my husband as I greeted him down the aisle. After that moment everything was so special because even though we have known each other for years, everything now had become our "first" again. Our first kiss as husband and wife, our first meal, our first dance and all of the other firsts as the new Mr. & Mrs. Wood that followed!

Art Paper Scissors: What is your favorite part about being married?

Cassandra: My favorite part about being married is that nothing at all has changed! We are still the same people that fell in love, just now we had given the ultimate commitment to one another.

Art Paper Scissors: Describe your wedding theme and feel in 3 words. Why did you choose this theme?

Cassandra: Rustic, romantic and chic.

My husband and I love the great outdoors. We pride ourselves on trying to travel the world, climbing on top of mountains, through caves and waterfalls. We also enjoy camping. These were our rustic influences. Although I love adventure, I equally love glitz, glam and twinkle lights, which play into the romantic and chic elements of our wedding. My husband may not be able to say the same about himself but he supports my passion for rhinestones! 


Art Paper Scissors: How did you decide on your watercolor floral wedding invitations?

Cassandra: We decided our theme for our wedding invitations purely based on our personalities. We wanted to incorporate both what we love and who we are at the same time. That is how we decide our color scheme (maroon, hunter green, lace, burlap and rose). Lisa also designed our magnificent monogram with our iconic W intertwined between antlers.

Art Paper Scissors: What design element or feature was a “must have” for your wedding invitations?

Cassandra: I absolutely fell in love with our burlap and lace mix, along with our signature monogram W tag. Once Lisa presented those options to me, I knew we had to have it!


Art Paper Scissors: What advice do you have for other brides and grooms looking to incorporate their theme or personal elements into their wedding invitations?

Cassandra: Some advice I would give to brides and grooms: just be authentically true to who you are both as individuals and as a couple. Create something you both love together and whatever you choose will be perfect!

Thank you, Cassandra and Richard! We are so happy that you enjoyed every moment of your wedding day. Congratulations!

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Sending Out the Perfect Party Invitation

May 1 marks this year’s #WorldStationeryDay - a day to celebrate all things paper! World Stationery Day reminds us that in this digital world, a beautifully designed piece of printed stationery is even more meaningful for both the sender and recipient. Nothing brightens our day quite like seeing a sweet note or beautiful invitation in our mailbox!

With this message in mind, we think sending out celebration invitations - for baptism, first birthdays and more - is something friends and family treasure and save for years to come. Check out our advice and ideas for sending out the perfect party invitations below!

1. Find the perfect piece of stationery for your next celebration

Think about your theme - and let your invitation designer know the colors you love, the feel of the event, the occasion and any extra special details. Art Paper Scissors can help you design the perfect invitations for your next event.

2. Add a sweet handwritten sentiment

Want to make a pretty party invitation even nicer? Add a sweet note to the back - something that makes your guest feel important and included!

3. Grab a colorful envelope

Is anything more cheerful than seeing a bright, colorful envelope in your mailbox? Match your stationery’s design with an envelope filled with color.

4. Seal it up 

Wax seals or stickers are the perfect finishing touches.

5. Stick on a stamp

Your note is ready to drop in the mail! Make it fun and find a matching Forever stamp - head to your local post office and check out their collection of stamps. They might have the design you're looking for!

Looking for some celebration stationery inspiration? Having an upcoming party or shower and want to make it extra special with paper goods? Connect with the Art Paper Scissors team for all of your stationery needs.