Sending Out the Perfect Party Invitation

May 1 marks this year’s #WorldStationeryDay - a day to celebrate all things paper! World Stationery Day reminds us that in this digital world, a beautifully designed piece of printed stationery is even more meaningful for both the sender and recipient. Nothing brightens our day quite like seeing a sweet note or beautiful invitation in our mailbox!

With this message in mind, we think sending out celebration invitations - for baptism, first birthdays and more - is something friends and family treasure and save for years to come. Check out our advice and ideas for sending out the perfect party invitations below!

1. Find the perfect piece of stationery for your next celebration

Think about your theme - and let your invitation designer know the colors you love, the feel of the event, the occasion and any extra special details. Art Paper Scissors can help you design the perfect invitations for your next event.

2. Add a sweet handwritten sentiment

Want to make a pretty party invitation even nicer? Add a sweet note to the back - something that makes your guest feel important and included!

3. Grab a colorful envelope

Is anything more cheerful than seeing a bright, colorful envelope in your mailbox? Match your stationery’s design with an envelope filled with color.

4. Seal it up 

Wax seals or stickers are the perfect finishing touches.

5. Stick on a stamp

Your note is ready to drop in the mail! Make it fun and find a matching Forever stamp - head to your local post office and check out their collection of stamps. They might have the design you're looking for!

Looking for some celebration stationery inspiration? Having an upcoming party or shower and want to make it extra special with paper goods? Connect with the Art Paper Scissors team for all of your stationery needs.