That Special Something: Unique Touches to Your Wedding Invitations

Invitations set the tone for your wedding celebrations, and they give guests their first taste of what’s to come in terms of overall theme, dress code and party atmosphere. Part of the fun is making your invitations stand out with unique, bold and beautiful details that encompass your big day. There is special something for every invitation!

With so many beautiful and inspiring invitation trends on Pinterest and wedding blogs to choose from, it can be daunting to try and select the perfect eye-catching details that are right for you. The team at Art Paper Scissors is here to help!

We’ve listed some of our most popular wedding invitation design elements, and to explain a little more about how these beautiful details are crafted.

Laser Cut
If you’re looking for intricate details, laser cut designs are the perfect choice for your wedding invitations. Both elegant and contemporary, these invites will surely set the stage for a beautiful celebration. Laser cut invitations are created using a computer that directs a laser to cut out a specific image or pattern onto any type of paper or material. Completely unique and beautiful patterns can be made with this technique!


Calligraphy is having a wonderful moment on Pinterest and social media – by hand and by type. Handwritten-inspired types can be romantic, elegant, whimsical, rustic and more. Not much else is needed with this design element – the words take center stage!

One of the most popular invitation trends, foil invitations are simply stunning. Choose a classic metallic hue, or go for a fresh take with an unexpected color, like this eye-catching green. Foil elements can be DIY’d using just a laminator and decorative foil sheets!

Letterpress invitations make a bold statement. These are carefully designed, using digitally designed “plates” that, when used with a letterpress printer and ink, are stamped onto paper, leaving a one-of-a-kind design and feel.

Add some shine to your wedding invitations! Mirror elements can make the perfect frame and border for invitations, adding a chic element of sophistication.

Love these unique touches to invitations? Contact the APS team and we can help you create the perfect wedding invitation for you.