January Bride of the Month: Michele DeFilippo

Here at Art Paper Scissors, we absolutely love bringing a couples’ wedding theme to life. From save-the-dates to invitations to thank you cards and everything in between, Art Paper Scissors is a bride and groom’s one-stop-shop for all things stationery. 

Today we are chatting with our January bride of the month, Michele DeFilippo. Michele and her husband Vinnie tied the knot at Tim McLoone’s Supper Club on the Jersey Shore in 2015. Their one-of-a-kind invitations were absolutely stunning with a nautical and vintage sea twist, featuring a weathered woodgrain enclosure and hand-drawn ocean creatures. That octopus is truly a showstopper! 

Michele tells all about her wedding day, theme and plenty of advice - read on and enjoy these gorgeous photos, captured by CBL Photography.

APS: Tell us about your wedding day!
Michele: Our wedding day was definitely the most magical day of my whole life. It took place at Tim McLoone’s Supper Club on the Asbury Park Boardwalk. That area was always very enchanting to me, a balanced mixture of old and modern styles. We wanted a vintage lounge feel and The Supper Club was the perfect place.

We chose April 10, 2015 as the date, we didn’t want it to be too cold or too warm because we wanted to have it on the beach. The actual day of the wedding it was foggy, damp and windy. But, we had our hearts set on having a beach wedding and that’s what we did. I’ll never forget the sound of the seagulls, waves and wind, it was refreshing and a bit chilly but, so calming.

We had violins playing before and during the processional and then after the ceremony. I had my brother as the officiant at the wedding much to the surprise of all my guests. Inside the venue we reserved an area for remembrance of family members who had passed. Every detail of our wedding was “US” in a nutshell.

APS: How do you remember that special day? Any great memory that stands out?
Michele: One favorite memory about that day was that our videographer got us to ride on a tandem bike. It was so much fun riding around in a suit and a wedding gown. I mean, I’m amazed we were able to ride it. We couldn’t remember the last time we road bikes.. and it was tandem so it was a lot harder! We probabley looked like fools but, it was perfect in the video. 

The speeches were priceless that day, we’ll never forget them. Our Cousin Jimmy wrote his whole speech on a white paper plate that was all folded up in his pocket, which made it funny when he unfolded it to read. The laughter started there and didn’t end.

We were grateful that we had such a small wedding (75 people) because we were able to greet every single person. We didn’t miss any part of the wedding because of it. I think that made it most memorable. 

APS: What is your favorite part about being married?
Michele: Vinnie and I had been together for 8 years prior to our marriage so, there was not too much change. But, we love the fact that there are surprises in what the future holds. The one thing that’s for certain is that we’re in it together and we can make it through anything. Uncertain certainty, I’d call it. That’s what we think the best thing about being married is.

APS: Describe your wedding theme and feel in 3 words. Why did you choose this theme?
Michele: Nautical-Vintage-Lounge. We chose the theme based solely on our personalities. We are a very relaxed couple and we love the beach and shore living. 

APS: How did you decide on the design of your nautical and vintage wedding invitations?
Michele: It was very easy once I spoke to Lisa about the vibe and the location of the wedding. Details, like colors, were based off of what the bridal party was wearing. The groomsmen wore navy and the Bridesmaids wore peach. I had my grandparents in my thoughts, thinking of what they would have liked. The theme for our save the dates and shower invites led up to the creation of my wedding invitations. The end result is what dreams are made of and I received so many compliments from all of my guests.

APS: What design element or feature was a “must have” for your wedding invitations?
Michele: When Lisa showed me some nautical graphics, I saw the octopus and I was in love. It tied the whole theme together, it was the perfect feature. The whitewash wood was just another detail that fit perfect being that our wedding was taking place on the boardwalk.

APS: What advice do you have for other brides and grooms looking to incorporate their theme or personal elements into their wedding invitations?
Michele: I would say just to make it reflect your vision.  Simple elements here and there make the invitations more inviting. And last but not least, ALWAYS TRUST LISA. Give her a detailed description of what you’re looking for and she will guide you in the right direction.


Thank you to Michele and Vinnie! We are so happy that you have enjoyed almost two years of wedded bliss and happiness. Congratulations!

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Vintage Nautical Wedding Invitations

I can’t tell you how fun it was to design for this couple…and I use the word couple loosely only because I never actually met the very lucky hubby to be, Vinnie. I actually worked really closely with Michele, the bride to be, and her mom, Joanne. It’s such a pleasure to see a bride and her mother share in these once in a lifetime experiences together and let me tell you, they are the nicest people on the planet. Seriously. I just love them!

Initially I met with them to do the save-the-dates and then had the pleasure of designing Michele’s shower invites too! When we started the design process, I knew Tim McLoone’s Supper Club in Asbury Park was their wedding venue and that they wanted to personify the oceanfront venue throughout their designs. After brainstorming, we honed in on a vintage nautical theme with a color palette of bold navy, gray and coral that was carried throughout the entire suite.

Here are the save-the-dates and shower invites:

Now the onto the main event…the invitations.

The invitation was presented on a single pocket enclosure and printed with a gray washed wood plank background. Wrapped around the enclosure was a gray linen fabric and rope ribbon with a distressed silver anchor charm. You may recognize a similar ribbon used on these invites.

Michele and Vinnie 3.jpg

Once opened the invitation announcement was designed on the left. A dark navy octopus framed the top of the invitation and a coral graphic framed the bottom. The heaviness of the graphics were balanced by whimsical and simple type faced fonts designed in both navy and coral

Michele and Vinnie 4.jpg

The pocket on the right contained the details of the wedding: “Where to Go” (the directions), “Response” (RSVP), and “Where to Stay” (the weekend accommodations). Inscribed on the pocket was a quote near and dear to the couple:

If you know how much I love you, count the waves

Behind the details cards was a bold navy and white striped pattern that allowed the pocket inserts to pop!

Vintage Floral Wedding

Marissa and Philip married in June and we were so privileged to design their entire suite of ceremony and reception materials. We were amongst a team of really talented vendors who helped make their day absolutely stunning! SociaLife as always did a spectacular job with the wedding design and The More We See, as you will see below, did an amazing job capturing all the special moments and details. Here are a few pics of the ceremony and reception materials:

Menus designed to fit the napkin but this farm table is everything.

Custom window seating chart and a beautiful tribute in lieu of favors.


Selfie sticks never looked so fashionable.

Simple and sweet ceremony programs.

These tablescapes are too gorgeous for words. The seeded eucalyptus paired so well with the vintage floral design.

Champagne and Rose Vintage Floral Suite

Add champagne to anything – be that the color or the bubbly and it’s a celebration! It’s no wonder Nicole and Joseph chose a gorgeous color palette of rose, gold and yes, champagne for their vintage floral invitations.

These two love birds married on August 15th at Angelina’s in Staten Island. It’s a quaint and elegant venue, perfect for their black tie celebration!

For their invitations, they selected a gorgeous pearlescent single pocket enclosure. Once opened a vintage floral pattern in hues of rose and gold bordered the invitation and is accented by a gold glitter backer paper. A chandelier is designed in the center little added touch of vintage fab.

The pocket contained the “Details” card which was designed with a gold striped paper serving as a nice contrast to the floral pattern. The “RSVP” card printed in a beautiful light pink sits on top, bringing the color palette full circle.

Wrapped around the invitation is a shimmery gold ribbon and a monogram tag – N & J.

We just loved how these turned out! To Nicole and Joseph – we wish you truly wish you the wedding day of your dreams. XOXO