Upscale Beach Invitations

Are you one of those brides (or grooms) that wants to incorporate thematic elements into your invitations but not it be over the top? Or perhaps you want to incorporate a few personal nods but it not seem too forced or even cheesy? Well, don’t fret. All of these are absolutely possible and Amanda and Emanuel’s invites did just that.

Amanda and Emanuel are set to marry in late May at Clark’s Landing Yacht Club on the Jersey Shore. They both wanted their invitations to have a nod to their Jersey Shore venue and to the Florida Keys where they often visit and plan to move to after they wed. Amanda also wanted invitations that were elegant,  with a little touch of bling. The key to incorporating all of these elements is about…subtlety and balance.

To create the sense of elegance, a palette of champagne, blush and gold was selected. The one-pocket enclosure was created on a metallic champagne paper. The invitation was printed on the same color paper but bordered by a decorative metallic gold border. At each corner a little classic “bling” was incorporated with pearls at each corner and a little more modern bling with a super glittery gold backer paper.

Inside the pocket were 3 staggered cards: Where to Go, Where to Stay and Response. Each of the headlines were inscribed with a feminine script font and in a gorgeous blush color.

A double belly band of a champagne lace and a rustic hemp ribbon was wrapped around the enclosure and the nod to the Florida Keys was represented with a gold conch shell that was tied in the center. Their monogram, was custom made into a rubber stamp and placed in the lower corner in a metallic gold for a subtle classic touch.

It was so fun to work on these invitations and incorporate all their personal elements into the design. To Amanda and Emanuel – you are such a lovely couple. Wishing you so much love and happiness! XOXO