Vintage Nautical Invites with a Disney Spin

Be our guest! Be our guest! The song has been in my head ever since Jennifer, the soon to be bride, and her mother approached APS.  You see, Jennifer and her soon to be hubby live in Florida and they both work for Disneyland and so naturally they wanted to have a Disneyland element in their invitations but it not be the main focus. They also wanted the invitations to have a nautical feel since they were getting married on the Jersey Shore but with a vintage palette of gold, blush and mint. I love me a good challenge!

After we presented the 3-mock-ups, they decided on the blush invitation layered on a mint paper with a single pocket enclosure on the back. The invitation type was romantic and in a mix of a dark blush and gold. An anchor was designed in the center of the bride and groom’s name as a subtle way to bring in the nautical feel and an arched mint banner with the parent’s names created color balance with the mint paper border.

Nestled inside the pocket was a booklet with the accommodations and directions and the RSVP card. The booklet is where we brought in the Disneyland nod with a title– “Be our Guest." The booklet was printed with a striped gold and blush pattern which was intended to further reinforce the nautical feel.

It’s always fun to figure out creative ways to incorporate personal elements into the designs like the Disneyland element. Be our guest is just so cute and it really tied it all together!

Jennifer and Greg, April 19th is right around the corner…wishing you the most magical wedding. XOXO