An Artistic Collaboration with Shana Treon

We are thrilled to announce a fun project we have been working. Each year, we design a new edition to add to our desktop calendar collection. This year we have a very special edition featuring artist Shana Treon’s urban and industrial inspired Textured Monoprints.

Fueled by her love for the city, its rhythms, grit, and sounds, Shana Treon’s most recent work is a direct reflection of her personality. Her work exudes an appreciation for urban elements, objects and landscapes – anything that grabs her attention or catches her eye. With a focus on creating her own unique brand, Treon’s style gives you an “in your face” combination of close up images, abstractness and photorealism all melded into one. Her creative process, stems from a desire to capture the rawness of urban decay (pipes, wires, graffiti, crumbling walls, rust, silhouettes, industrial pieces) while simultaneously twisting, zooming, sketching and manipulating each item, bringing them to life.

Each month of this edition, is an artwork on its own – capturing different elements of a raw urban landscape. The emphasis on paint colors, lines, and brushstrokes combined with layering and overlapping of images creates dimension and realism, bringing each month’s artwork to life.

The appreciation of art is usually in the form of finished work. Here we are fortunate enough to have a genuine look into how Treon uses layers of different artistic mediums to create these three dimensional art pieces.

Original art pieces used for the reproduction of the calendars.

The finished pieces are nothing less than genius. To purchase this desktop calendar, follow this link. Each calendar comes in a clear CD case, perfect for a desktop display. Keep in the case or hang these one of a kind pieces of artwork on the wall!

More about the Artist:

Shana Treon received her B.A. in Art from Lehigh University in 2004 and upon completion of her undergrad studies, she attended the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. She earned her Masters of Art in Teaching in the Visual Arts in 2007.

She has worked side-by-side with the late Todd Marrone as his Creative Assistant and most recently, Treon began her own independent practice in her personal art studio in Manayunk, PA. A few of Treon’s artistic influencers include Todd Marrone, Jay Alders, Erik Abel and Jose Perla – all artist’s with a unique flair and style of their own.

To contact Shana Treon: